I enjoy Laurie's Pilates-Yoga Fusion because it is as gentle or as vigorous as you make it. I feel well, and much more limber after the class. I do not hurt the following day as I used to after another yoga class I took years ago. My back pain has improved, my posture is better. It is one of the best things I have done for myself recently. Thank you, Laurie.
  -- Hana Hulinska, M.D., Easton, CT

"I really enjoy Laurie's yoga/pilates fusion class. Each week Laurie's class is different from the week before, depending on what poses and stretches the class members request. This makes class unique and customized each week! Every class combines stretching, strengthening poses and variations of poses you select for your level of flexibility, so you get the workout your body craves every time."
 --Cara Forgione, Easton, CT

 "Laurie's yoga class, which in Easton combines yoga with pilates, has been exactly what I needed for my back issues. The flexibility she offers in the class, to do any version of a pose that suits me, has been great. She takes requests for poses that the students would like to do, or to revisit poses that have been particularly helpful. I miss the class when it is not there, and so does my back!"
 --Heidi Armster, Easton, CT

I really enjoy your Yogalates classes.  I know it is not easy to have some people who have come for a long time and then have people who are brand new; you handle it all so well and allow each of us to have a good session at our own pace. Great class which works well for all; everyone participates at their ability level.
  -- Bev Warner, Redding, CT

I have really enjoyed Laurie's Pilates-Yoga Fusion classes.  She has extensive knowledge of both pilates and yoga and makes an effort to accommodate people of all skill levels in a non-competitive, fun environment.
Lisa Sheehan, Easton, CT

I love this class-- it really helps my ballet.  It is wonderful-- I can just focus on myself and my body and not have to worry about perfection, only satisfaction.
  -- Jessica Lee, Fairfield, CT

Laurie is so calming and positive for all ability levels.  There is no competition, which is great. All bodies are good.  I have not exercised in a long time, and in just a few weeks, I noticed a difference in my abdominals.
  -- Denise Lee, Fairfield, CT

Laurie is great.  She made everyone feel comfortable and provided exercises for all levels. Laurie is very personable.  She hears the needs of her students.  I wish the class could be longer and offered more often.
  -- Missy Repko, Fairfield, CT

Loved the class and the instructor.
  -- Barbara Loehfelm, Fairfield, CT

The class was very relaxing, took the stress off from the day.
  -- Colleen Loehfelm, Fairfield, CT

Yoga-Pilates Fusion is a very nice class, good for a Friday afternoon. The Pilates feels good for my core— something I need to do for my body. The yoga is nice and flowing, good for the stretch and the head. Laurie is attuned to the ever-changing needs of the class.
  -- Ellen Koh, Brookfield, CT

I enjoyed your class, especially your readings. I lean towards words embracing my daily thoughts too.  Because of you, I like yoga.
    -- Diana Piekarski, Danbury, CT

Laurie's Pilates class has taught me the importance of the core muscles for total fitness, as well as being the most relaxing hour of my week.
  -- Andrea Metzner, Fairfield, CT

Laurie's Pilates class has been a great strength and flexibility building class for me.  After just a few classes I noticed a difference in my flexibility and the exercises became increasingly easier.  Throughout Laurie's class she offers variations in each exercise... if you're feeling like a challenge or just feel like kicking back there's something for every level.
   -- Elizabeth Waiksnis, Fairfield, CT


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